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Content Strategy.

The help, hub, hero approach.

The Help Hub Hero approach to content marketing allows you to build a content plan that won’t just turn heads, it’ll keep audiences coming back for more.

The help, hub, hero approach allows you to create a structured three-tiered content plan. Each tier represents a distinct body of content that has its own purpose, with each tier coming together to create an overarching video content strategy that is greater than the sum of its parts.



Hero Content.

Hero content is designed to turn heads and get your brand noticed. Production values are usually a lot higher than hub or help videos but release frequency is very low. Hero content can be released around tent-pole events like product launches and should be highly entertaining, inspiring or even moving, creating a surge in brand awareness that then allows you to attract relevant audiences with your hub and help content.

Hub Content.

Hub content is regularly scheduled to push content designed to target your prime prospects. This is content that has been made for those who are already interested in you and what you do. In many ways, hub content is the foundation of your brand-building campaign as they aim to create genuine interest and brand loyalty amongst key demographic groups and market sectors, encouraging likes, shares and followers on social media.

Help Content.

Help content is ‘always-on’ evergreen content that is designed to address the questions and concerns of your target audience. In contrast to the push approach of hub videos, help video is pulling content that is optimized for search. As well as creating genuine loyalty amongst your existing subscribers, help videos will cement your reputation as the go-to source for information relating to your industry sector.

Structured Approach.

The help hub hero approach allows you to impose a definitive structure across all your video marketing, allowing for the implementation of individual objectives, production styles and data gathering for each content tier. This segmentation of strategies allows for a greater degree of control and enables you to identify areas of strength or weakness in a more timely fashion and with greater accuracy.

Universal Approach.

The three-tiered structure can be rolled out across all your content marketing, video or otherwise, allowing you to create a compelling overarching story or narrative around your brand, across multiple platforms and channels.

Loyalty through awareness.

Through the use of hero content, you are able to create the initial wave of brand awareness that will allow you to grow a loyal follower base, using hub and help content. With loyal followers come, brand advocates, who will help promote your new content to their followers without you even having to ask them.


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