The Challenge.

When we were asked by our city, during the Covid-19 era, to contribute with our creativity but also with our experience, we did not think much.

We were literally thinking about it before they asked us to, as we wanted to develop a campaign to help Larnaca's tourism and the local community. Finally, we created 2 new campaigns, one for abroad
that you can see here and one for domestic tourism.


The Solution.

We created two totally different versions, each one targeted at different audiences with one main goal, to attract tourists from all over Cyprus.

The first version was addressed to people with interests like nightlife, good food and beach life and the second one to people who interest in family activities.

The Result.

We accomplished to put Larnaca in the center of attention. The city was the first made a specialized campaign for domestic tourism, becoming a model for other cities.

Larnaca also managed to open almost every hotel, cafe and restaurant and be full of life, despite the difficulties of the time.

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